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  • x0rz


    Security Researcher

  • Lana Bozanic

    Lana Bozanic

    18 y/o quantum enthusiast

  • Ridhi Gopalakrishnan

    Ridhi Gopalakrishnan

    17-year-old innovator interested in genomics and biotechnology, as well as the world of economics

  • Alessandro Butler

    Alessandro Butler

    Editor of The Startup (https://medium.com/swlh) + Curious (https://medium.com/curious) + Geek Culture (https://medium.com/geekculture)

  • Ruhani Walia

    Ruhani Walia

    econ + statsci lover, curious writer, learner and emerging tech enthusiast.

  • Victoria Dmitruczyk

    Victoria Dmitruczyk

    Currently diving into the intersection of AI, energy, and cellular agriculture. Now, for a pun. What’s a wind turbine’s favourite colour? Blew.

  • Hailey Vallabh

    Hailey Vallabh

    I’m 16 year old high school student who’s learning more and more about emerging technology. I write about tech, philosophy, social sciences and personal growth.

  • Branav Kumar Gnanamoorthy

    Branav Kumar Gnanamoorthy

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